The name Indonesia has its roots in two Greek words: “Indos” meaning Indian and “Nesos” which means islands. It is an appropriate description of the archipelagos as there are estimated to be a total of 17,508 islands, of which only about 6.000 are inhabited, stretching for 5,150 km between the Australian and Asian continental mainland’s and dividing the Pacific and Indian Oceans at the Equator.

Five main islands and 30 smaller archipelagoes are home to the majority of the population. The main islands are Kalimantan/Borneo (539,400 sq.km), Sumatra/Sumatera (473,606 sq.km), Papua/Irian Jaya (421,981 sq.km), Sulawesi/Celebes (189,216 sq.km) and last but not least: Jawa/Java (132,187 sq.km, home to 70 percent of the country’s populations. Indonesia shares Papua/Irian Jaya with Papua New Guinea and two thirds of the island of Kalimantan with Malaysia and Brunei.

The islands and people of Indonesia constitute the fourth most populated nation in the world. As a democratic republic, Indonesia is divided into 34 provinces, special territories and classified geographically into four groups. First are the greater Sundas, made up of the larger island of Kalimantan, Sumatra, Sulawesi and Java. Second are the lesser Sundas, consisting of smaller island from Bali eastward to Timor. Third is Maluku/Molucca which includes the entire island between Papua/Irian Jaya and Sulawesi. The fourth and final group is Papua/Irian Jaya in the extreme eastern part of the country.

Indonesia is the biggest islands country in the world, located in tropical area that warm always in the year. Based on data from the Population Census conducted by the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) of the Republic of Indonesia, that totally number of tribes in Indonesia that successfully recorded is as much as 1,128 tribes and from the population census by the Ministry of the Interior, that the population of Indonesia as of December 31, 2010 reached 259.940.857 peoples. This amount consists of 132.240.055 men and 127.700.802 women. The Javanese are the largest ethnic group in Indonesia; the number reached 41% of the total population. The Javanese mostly gathered on the island of Java, but millions of people have transmigration and dispersed to various islands in the archipelago even migrate abroad such as Malaysia and Suriname. Sundanese, ethnic Malays, and Madurese are the next largest group in the country. Many remote tribes, especially in Kalimantan and Papua, have a small population of just hundreds of people. Most of the local language included in the Austronesian group, though a large number of tribes in Papua belonging to the family of languages Papuan or Melanisien.

The division of ethnic groups in Indonesia is not absolute and it is not clear due to migration, the mixing of cultures, and mutual influence; for example, some parties argued the Cirebon is a separate tribe with a special dialect well, whereas while others argue that they are simply sub ethnic from the Javanese as a whole. Similarly, Bedouin tribes and tribal Banten while parties regard them as part of the overall Sundanese. Another example is mixing ethnic  Betawi ethnic tribes which is the result of mixing the various ethnic groups of the archipelago and immigrants both the Chinese and the Arabs who came and lived in Batavia/ Jakarta in the colonial era.

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